“Helping you bring your Grand Ideas & Missions into reality using the power of 'Strategy With Spirit' and the Undefeatable Laws of Nature”

Join the Evolutionary Community of Changemakers, Social Entrepreneurs, Organizations, Campaigners and Difference Makers using holistic strategies to achieve their missions for change. With your FREE MEMBERSHIP to the the Strategy With Spirit Evolutionary Vault you will receive:

  • product-boxstrategy-ebook-2Monthly trainings, techniques, tools and tips on becoming an effective Changemaker, on purpose, achieving your missions, living in prosperity and making a BIG difference;
  • Winning Mission Strategy Tips;
  • Access to the Vault Archive of trainings of creating leverage by using the Undefeatable Laws of Nature;
  • VIM (Very Important Mission) Discounts to advanced trainings, mentoring programs, live events and summits;
  • Preferential Seating at summits and live events;
  • Special Surprise Trainings from other Changemaker Educators on missions to build a multitude of highly effective social entrepreneurs and agents of change.

PLUS This FREE Bonus 60 Minute Training Podcast on “The 3 Keys for Effective Chagemakers to Accelerate Change”. You’ll discover:

  1. What you need to do to move past blocks and obstacles fast;
  2. The #1 important thing you must do to be a successful changemaker;
  3. How to go beyond manifestation and the Law of Attraction and move into the creative power of working with the Universal Laws of Nature to bring about faster results;
  4. and more…

“If we keep trying to solve the same problems in the same manner, we will never solve the problem. Strategy With Spirit brings a much needed Holistic approach leveraging Spiritual principles and Physics to create extraordinary results & accelerate change.”

award-winning-Nicola-GraceHi I’m Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor. 6 time author now, 3 time best selling author, visionary strategist, speaker, educator, social entrepreneur and humanitarian. In 2006 I implemented a winning mission strategy that saved a billion dollar change agent industry from ruin, achieving in just 6 months what that industry were unable to do in 7 years, leveraging the Undefeatable Laws of Nature and the power of Spiritual Principles. I made history and won an award. No campaigner or changemaker had done what I had done in my country in peace time before, and to my knowledge no one has managed to do it since. Something I intend to change.

My baby brother said to me, “That’s great Nic, now you just need to apply that success to your business.” That go me thinking. Then I worked with a strategist for Fortune 500 Companies and dissected every inch of my winning strategy plan. He said, “If you could duplicate what you did and teach it to others, imagine how much faster we could positively transform the world?”

This Strategy With Spirit Evolution Vault Membership is my heart soul space where I share my experiences, tips, tools, trainings and techniques with other agents of change, so you too can be creating extra-ordinary results. The world could certainly use more changemakers with “special powers” don’t you think?

This FREE MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP is for you if you want to:

  • Make a bigger difference;
  • Become  more influential;
  • Access your personal mission mojo;
  • Accelerate positive change in the world;
  • Learn more about your higher abilities and “super powers”
  • Get better results with less efforting;
  • Reach mission accomplished.

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